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Frequently Asked Furnace Service Questions

How often should furnace maintenance be scheduled?

We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance annually, preferably before the start of the heating season in the fall. Regular maintenance is crucial for efficient operation, minimizing the risk of malfunctions, and prolonging the lifespan of your furnace.

What indicators suggest that my furnace requires repairs?

Be alert to signs like unusual noises (rattling, banging, or whining), inconsistent heating across your residence, a noticeable increase in energy bills, or the furnace frequently turning on and off. Experiencing any of these should prompt a professional inspection and repair to avoid further issues.

How can I increase my furnace’s energy efficiency?

Improving your furnace’s energy efficiency can be achieved by regularly changing the air filter (typically every 1-3 months), ensuring your home is well-insulated, sealing any ductwork leaks or gaps, and using a programmable thermostat for efficient temperature management. Also, don’t forget to schedule routine maintenance for optimal performance.

What steps should I take if my furnace suddenly stops working?

If your furnace unexpectedly shuts down, first check the thermostat settings, ensure the furnace’s circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, examine the air filter for blockages, and replace it if needed.

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